Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodnight, Irene!

So in case you had not heard, the eastern seaboard just went through a hurricane. Thankfully she was not as bad as expected for Hampton Roads and thankfully we only lost power for 3 hours (4 days AFTER the storm). Just as a precaution, the boys and I decided we would head for Lynchburg to escape the potential flooding, wind, and darkness of the storm. So on Friday we made our way out of Hampton Roads and headed to Lynchburg.

The trip was not as smooth as I had hoped it would be, but six hours and four stops after we started, we were in the Burg and enjoying a somewhat laid back weekend. There was one minor speed bump along the way (as there always seems to be when trying to rush to get packed and get out of nature's path). Ethan ended up in the ER early Saturday morning but has made a full recovery. Looking at the picture I have from this trip, one would think he was there for the horrendous scratch/carpet burn on and around his nose (from falling off the bed), but really he was there for an asthma attack/acute bronchitis. In the rush to get away, I forgot his nebulizer and of course he would have an attack when I did not have his medicine handy. We were there for about four hours but he is fine now! Below are some pictures from our adventure:

Notice his nose: this is why he doesn't sleep in the bed with us!

GG reading to the Big Guy hoping to calm him down since he gets amped up once he has his breathing treatment

Now having two children makes things more difficult when I have to do things like this (take one to the ER) so thankfully since Justin did not make the trip with us, my dad was able to stay with Colin so we did not have to take him to the ER. We took Ethan to the ER at about 4:00am so my dad got some quality time with our little prince.

In case you wanted to know what Colin looks like at 4am below is what he looks like that early (or late depending on how you look at things)!

As the weekend went on, we were glued to the TV watching TWC and reports about Hurricane Irene. Our house was spared, our electricity was saved, and the three of us got some quality time in with my parents. It was a good weekend and we are now gearing up for Beach Week Madness starting this Saturday. Below are some more pictures from the weekend (enjoy):

Colin looking lovingly at his grandfather, perhaps saying "thank you" for taking care of him while Ethan was at the hospital

Colin sacked out early Sunday morning

Ethan relaxing--cruising for chicks around Lynchburg

Ethan at Amazement Square--his second visit! This time his Peepa took him and he had a great time!

Ethan at Amazement Square hanging in the Bug exhibit

Ethan at Amazement Square milking some cows

Until next time...