Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living the life!

So we are now in our second week with two children in the house and I have to say so far it's not all that bad. A week ago I did not feel the same since I was in so much pain and I was not used to waking up during the night to feed a newborn (Ethan slept through the night at 4 months)but it has gotten easier. Ethan has calmed down a great deal now that it's just the four of us and (I think) he's really liking having a brother. He helps with almost everything. He likes to observe diaper changes, he will sit with us during feedings, and he tells us daily that Colin needs a bath ("Colin bath, Colin bath..."). Right now Colin is too small for the big bath or to be in his bathtub in the big bath but I know when we transition him to the big tub, Ethan will have the greatest time!

All in all Colin is completely different than Ethan was at the newborn stage. They look alike but their temperaments are completely different. Justin never really got to see the "bad" side of Ethan so he doesn't remember the uncontrollable crying and fits Ethan used to give me during maternity leave so it is like a breath of fresh air that Colin really doesn't display his emotions yet. Yes, he does cry when I take to long getting his bottle ready or when he gets cold from the baby wipes, but all in all, he's quiet and just goes with the flow, and just observes what is going on (hello baby Justin). If I had to sum our children's personalities up, I would say Ethan is like me (God help us) and Colin is like Justin. Maybe it will change and maybe it won't, only time will tell.

One downside of last week was the our car (which we bought in May) was in an accident. Thankfully Justin and Ethan were not hurt, but my poor car did suffer some damage. It's in the shop now being repaired and I hope to have to back by next week. Apparently it is requiring a 10-day fix so it should be just like new again. It was new in May... 

Below are some pictures of the damage:

So as you can see, we are lucky that no one was hurt and the damage can be fixed.

Now here are some more enjoyable pictures of our boys:

A picture of the boys side by side (Colin looks small but at one point Ethan was even smaller than Colin is here)

Little brother telling big brother to "shhhhh"

Ethan at Kyleigh's birthday party

Colin at Kyleigh's birthday party

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