Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our last weekend

So this weekend marks our last weekend with only one child and Ethan's last weekend as an only child. It's hard to believe the time is finally here when we will be adding a fourth to our family of three. While it's exciting it's also nerve racking and I'm a little worried about it. I am worried because we have been living so comfortably in our routine for two years and now our routine will have to change not only for Justin and I but also so Ethan. I am sure at the beginning it will be hard but just as we became accustomed to Ethan's needs and set his schedule, we will be able to do the same for both boys.

Friday also marked my last day of work for awhile and it is going to feel weird but good to not have to go to work tomorrow morning. Of course I will not be sleeping in as we are keeping Ethan in school and keeping him on his schedule but it will be nice to be able to spend tomorrow cleaning and getting ready for the big day. It will be nice to not have to come home from work and complete my "chores" but instead will do them in my own time during the day. My plan is to get everything done by the time I have to go pick Ethan up from school so that way on Tuesday I won't have anything to do other than get a much needed pedicure. We will see how that plan goes but as long as I stick to it, I can get it done!

Since it was Ethan's last weekend as an only child, Justin and I wanted to do something special with him and have one last outing with our little guy. We decided we wanted to take him somewhere where we all had never been and decided on the children's museum in Portsmouth. Below are some pictures from the big day:

Ethan playing with the trains

Ethan and Justin in the bubble room

Brush, brush, brush

Ethan and Justin being fire fighters 

Ethan being Ethan

Ethan dressing up

So that is all for this week. We are just getting excited for Wednesday and can't wait to meet our newest little guy!

Until next time....

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