Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crunch time!

So this pregnancy is winding down and while it is sad this will be our last I am just looking forward to the new challenges that are going to come our way. I have hit 36 weeks and this is the farthest I have gone in a pregnancy. I never felt this big with Ethan although this time around everyone says I am small. Actually let me rephrase that: woman think I look small but men think I am huge; so there is definitely a different perspective when it comes to male and female perceptions of pregnancy.

As we were laying in bed tonight reading to Ethan before his bedtime, I could not help but think how different our lives are going to be in less than two weeks. Will we still be able to have our special time with Ethan? Will Ethan feel like he is not as important as he was being an only child? Will the boys get along? While the amount of questions are endless,  I think our little family will manage just fine. Ethan is our helper and has always been our helper, so I think he will do a fantastic job of helping us with the new baby. I am not prepared for him to not be the baby anymore so that is another struggle I am dealing with. I guess the idea of Ethan growing up and becoming more independent was put into perspective when I was washing the baby's clothes this past weekend. I held up one of the onesies to Ethan and he just made it look even smaller. All I could think of was when Ethan was born and how 0-3 month clothing just swallowed him. Now to see a 0-3 month outfit next to him and realize just how big he has gotten is a little overwhelming but awesome at the same time.

There were also two birthdays in the family this week! Mr. Jim McCabe (my dad) and my brother, Marc,  celebrated another year of life. So my dad is now in his 52nd year of life and my brother is in his 28th (that's for you grandpa!) This was the first year in a long time that we were not together celebrating both birthdays. While we could've risked it and traveled to Lynchburg, we decided it was probably not in our best interests just in case I had to deliver in Lynchburg. The doctors there do not know my history and my doctor here always tells me that I better not have this baby without him. So next year we will most likely do the normal celebration, plus one more family member :)

Another bright spot of news for us is that Justin has decided to go back to school and get that oh so important degree. Nowadays you have to have a degree to really be successful in life and I am just so elated that he has decided to do this not only for himself but also for all of us. He will start in August and while school was a struggle for me, I am more than confident he will be successful in this adventure, even with a newborn and a two year old running around!

So I guess that is all for us this week!

Until next time...

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