Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two months!

So Colin is now two months and had his two month appointment this past Tuesday. He now weighs 11lbs12oz, is 23inches long/tall (I say it that way because he's not standing yet, so long seems more appropriate) and the nurse said his brain is growing perfectly (head size 15 3/4inches). The doctor examined him and said he's "perfectly proportioned" and was shocked to find out he has almost rolled over. The other day while I was in the kitchen and Justin was hanging with the boys, he said if Colin had sneezed, he would've rolled over. So hopefully any day now he'll do it!

Sleeping is getting a little bit easier on all of us. I like to call Colin our little night owl because he stays up most nights as late as Justin and I do. Most nights he fights sleep and finally succumbs around 9:30 or 10:00pm. This is taking some adjustment on my part because we have had two years of being spoiled by Ethan going to bed at 8:00pm AT THE LATEST! But finally this morning Colin slept until 5:00am (after falling asleep at 10:00pm). It felt great getting up so "late" to feed him and I am really hoping the trend continues. What has also helped the sleep situation is that since I returned to work, Justin and I have been doing a great job of turns on who gets up with Colin. So every other night I get to sleep all night! While I love my bonding time with Colin all alone during his middle of the night/morning feeding, I also love my sleep. I know it won't always be like this, so I'm just soaking it up as much as I can!

Take a look at what the little man looks like these days:

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