Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 years and counting....

October 11, 2008-the day that changed my life forever. The day Justin let me be his better half FOR LIFE. The day I married my best friend and really starting living. In short, one of the best days of my life!

Justin and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary and even though we now are responsible for two small children, the day was just as special as the actual day we got married. Of course we had to work and our anniversary was on a boring Tuesday but it was still special. My only wish for this year was that Justin had to plan how we would celebrate and he would have to suprise me and what a suprise it was.

We celebrated our anniversary the Saturday following our actual anniversary. The night started with dinner. PF there any better Chinese food out there?!? Dinner was amazing. Of course I had my usual but for some reason, it tasted better than normal (perhaps because it is definitely not part of my weight watchers eating plan)! Then Justin and I hopped over to the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach and saw Eddie Griffin. He was funny (as expected) and the Funny Bone actually has some great comedians coming to town, so we might just be frequenting that side of the water a little more in the future. The night was relaxing, child free, stress free, and exactly what we needed. Justin and I had the chance to be a married couple and enjoy eachother's company but I must say I missed my little men and was happy to see their smiling faces on Sunday morning. So our anniversary was great and I am sure next year it will be even better!

Some pictures from our special day:

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