Friday, February 3, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge

So...again, I've given up on another blogging site. Sorry tumblr, I like the blogs I've been reading on your site BUT I like the layout and accessibility I get from the blogger site. So the blog it back!

I've been trying to delve into the photography arena lately (blame the gift Justin [picked out by me] got me for Christmas) and I've also been seeing photos and links to a 30 day photo challenge. Now there are specific photos that are to be captured: one of yourself, one of the person who inspires you, one of your favorite TV show, and so on. I did not really like the list because ideally it was more about using other people's photos rather than my own. So, I've made my own list and really it will be based around what I see and what I want to photograph based on that day. Some will be edited and some will not.

So tonight I will post my first photo! Photo #1 of 30!

Stay tuned...

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