Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, clearly I have failed the 30 day challenge and you know what,  I am okay with that. Life is hectic and I do not have a lot of spare time posting pictures. If you follow me on facebook you have noticed that I barely post pictures of my sweet boys at all. I used to post a picture a day of them, but between taking care of them, working two jobs, laundry, dishes, a husband, and some downtime, I haven't been able to work in picture uploading time.

Things have been pretty smooth with our little family lately. Colin is finally (knock on wood) sleeping through the night. We have gone three nights with no wake up, no need to readjust him, and no night feedings. Last week I thought to myself that we would NEVER get here. I had a fear that he would be three and still getting up at night (it's overwhelming when you think about it) but he proved me wrong and has settled into his crib nicely and now eats a huge dinner so he does not stir at night. With that said, I am taking on the task of getting rid of certain baby items and clothes. He has barely been able to wear Ethan's old clothes because he outgrew them too fast--fat boy! So goodbye bassinet, goodbye "bouncy seat", and probably goodbye swing, Colin does not like you anymore!

Ethan is the same cool dude as ever. We received an iPad for Christmas (thanks Peepaw and Gigi) so instead of our nights being consumed by The Fresh Beats Band and other bang-your-head-on-the-wall shows we are delightfully tackling each level of Angry Birds one by one. It's amazing what Ethan knows how to do on the iPad. He can turn it on, find his games, FaceTime, and he even SHARES. Usually when he does not know what he is doing, he says "your turn mommy" and hands it to me so I will do whatever he could not figure out (he probably thinks he has tricked me but I'm hip to his game!).

So that's our family in a nutshell for the last week or so!

Until next time...

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