Monday, June 6, 2011

The Rivah

What a weekend! We had a great one! My cousin Elizabeth is now the most recent graduate of our family and we had such a good time celebrating with her and the rest of the family. After the graduation, we made our way back to my aunt and uncle's house on The River (located in Mathews right on the water!). It is amazing to think the last time we were there Ethan could barely walk and this time there was no stopping him. I think Ethan was on the go from the minute he woke up to the minute we had to force him to go to bed. Saturday was a long day but well worth it. We had hamburgers and hot dogs, s'mores, and hung out with each other telling stories and just having a great time! The hamburger I had was the best I have had in a long time. The only thing that could have made it better was having the bun toasted (ahem, Jim McCabe). And the s'more I had was the best I have ever had, perfectly burnt (thank you, Nan Bowden)! It was so nice to be around family that it seemed like I had not seen in ages and it was really nice to just relax and hang outside with not a care in the world (thank you Justin for chasing Ethan around all day).
Here are some pictures from our weekend:

This is Ethan with his grandmother and great grandmother. He is showing them some of his sign language skills. Everyone thought he was blowing them a kiss goodbye but really he was signing "thank you".

Ethan found the cooler full of ice at the graduation party my aunt and uncle threw for their daughter Elizabeth. Ethan had a great time taking the ice out and putting it back in. I wonder if anyone had a problem that every single piece of ice was touch by him!

This is Ethan back at the house. He was feeding everyone grapes and this is the face he made after someone ate a grape, he thought it was the coolest thing in the ever!

Ethan had a great time hanging out with his uncle Marc, my brother. When Ethan was younger, Marc did not really want a lot to do with Ethan because he was waiting for Ethan to be able to walk and talk and essentially be "more fun". I personally think Marc kept his distance from Ethan because Ethan was a small child and Marc did not want to hurt him. Since Ethan is now his own person, he has such a good time hanging with Marc. It is so great to see my brother so attentive and so caring and my hope is that some day Marc will know what it is to be a parent and have a great time with his own children.

My parents decided to surprise us all with something they purchased this past week. When my mom told me about it, all I could think is that my parents are both going through their mid-life crisis at the same time. Below is what they surprised us with:

It's a VW, but I like to call it Ethan's education money (just joking of course)!

So all in all it was a great week and I cannot wait for this coming weekend when we are celebrating Ethan's 2nd birthday!

Until next time...


  1. Nice additions to your story :)

  2. I really enjoy reading this blog....even if at times it brings me to tears!!

  3. really enjoyed your blog.I think its great. What a great way to keep memories. Love you all. miss you. Do not get to see you ,with my sickness. just had a major operation . Started chemo again yesterday. Your Grandfather is such a big help,do not know what i would do without him. give kisses to all of you. So enjoy the grandfather and tina