Sunday, June 12, 2011

That's Elmo's World

We celebrated Ethan's birthday today and even though it was his second I think it's becoming tradition to have his party on the hottest day of June. Last year was sweltering and this year did not disappoint either. Now normally I do not mind the heat but with an extra body invading my space, I definitely tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible and Justin was on Ethan duty for the majority of the party. To show just how hot it was, here are some pictures of Ethan red face and all:

The beginning of the party did not start out so smoothly since Ethan decided he likes to be a dare devil and walked right behind a girl swinging on a swing. As she was coming back on the swing, Ethan ran right behind her, and BAM! Ethan was on the ground crying, the girl was crying, and I was covered in mulch and tears. Thankfully Ethan was just in shock and probably a little embarrassed but I think he learned a valuable lesson: DO NOT WALK NEAR THE SWINGS! We are thinking he might have a little bit of a black eye tomorrow but that beats a broken bone.
I think the highlight of the day was Ethan's AWESOME Elmo cake. We chose to have Elmo as the theme of the party because while he does not watch Sesame Street, Ethan loves Elmo. He has Elmo shirts, socks, books, stuffed animals, and as most moms know, Elmo is even on diapers these days. Therefore, it was only fitting to have an Elmo cake. Our very talented friend Christina Carpenter was the first person we could think of to take on such a task. We could have gone to a grocery store but we wanted something unique that no other child was lucky enough to have before. Christina did an Elmo cake, Elmo cupcakes, and even a number 2 cake just for Ethan to enjoy. Not only did the set up look amazing but the cupcakes tasted great! We are really looking forward to cutting the Elmo cake on Ethan's actual birthday (6/16)! Take a look a look for yourself:

Great job Christina, we really appreciate all of your hard work!
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us, we hope you all enjoyed the day, and we really appreciate it!

Until next time...

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